EVERYDAY LIVING trademark and matching domain names for sale


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Buy the EVERYDAY LIVING trademark, matching domain names, and the matching social media channels. The domain names include everydayliving.com, everydayliving.ca, .net, .org.

The EVERYDAY LIVING trademark is registered in 6 Nice classes: 9, 16, 35, 41, 43, and 44, in Canada:


(1) Periodical publications advertising the wares and services of others.


(1) Direct mail advertising of the wares and services of others.
(2) Operation of a website providing recipes, news, health and beauty information and reviews of household and food products; and

Online sale of:

  • books,
  • health and beauty products,
  • vitamins,
  • travel and airline deals,
  • computers,
  • lamps,
  • golf equipment,
  • office supplies,
  • clothing,
  • shoes,
  • toys,
  • jewellery,
  • artwork,
  • fresh flowers,
  • living plants,
  • bedroom furniture,
  • dining room furniture,
  • lawn and outdoor furniture,
  • living room furniture,
  • office furniture,
  • home appliances,
  • home decor items,
  • barbecue grills,
  • mitts and tongs,
  • pet bowls,
  • pet cages,
  • pet collars,
  • pet crates,
  • pet feeding dishes,
  • pet grooming equipment,
  • pet leashes,
  • pet toys,
  • pet shampoo,
  • sewing machines,
  • sewing thread,
  • textile ribbon,
  • beads,
  • paint by numbers kits,
  • craft materials,
  • bed linen,
  • bath linen,
  • bathroom scales,
  • bath oil,
  • bath toys,
  • bath fittings.

(3) Online advertising of the wares and services of others.


The package also includes the www.everydayliving.com registered Canadian trademark registered in 5 Nice classes: 16, 35, 39, 41, and 44, in Canada::

(1) Print publications namely magazines, periodicals and books.


(1) Publication of an internet based electronic magazine on the world wide web including the provision of links to services, namely home decor, home renovation and home improvement services, health and beauty services, travel agency services, advertisements, on line shopping and to a business directory.
(2) Operation of a magazine publishing business.

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The reserve price is $100,000


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