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Most domain disputes in Canada revolve around .ca ccTLDs, which are usually resolved via CDRP arbitration and may be appealed to the Superior Court in the Registrant’s province.

Occasionally a .ca dispute has been brought in the Federal Court, but this procedure may be found to be invalid given the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2016 decision in City of Windsor v. Canadian Transit Company. Stay tuned for a challenge to the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision over

.ca is the ccTLD for Canada. ranks .ca websites in Canada on par with .com websites, with a similar keyword, content, and back link level.

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Domain names are considered property in Canada and elsewhere. Some domain names have a significant inherent value beyond their initial acquisition cost. Domain names in our top domain name sales lists usually have one or more of the following characteristics: Short domain names Surname domain names Brandable domain names Spellable domain names Generic domain names […]

How Many Panelists are Optimal for a UDRP Complaint

In a domain dispute, you may select either one panelist or three panelists to decide who gets a domain name. How Many Panelists are Optimal for a UDRP Complaint? It costs less to file a UDRP complaint if you select a single panel member than selecting a three member panel to decide your domain dispute. Savvy trademark […]

Property Rights in Domain Names

Domain name registrants have property rights in most types of domain names comprising incorporeal rights and equitable rights. Whether there are property rights in .ca domain names is still in question. Domain names are not corporeal property. You can’t touch or hold domain names. However, anyone can use a domain name to find a website that […]

Black v Molson Canada domain dispute

Douglas Black sued Molson Canada in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to decide their domain dispute. Black v Molson Canada, 60 O.R. (3d) 457, [2002] O.J. No. 2820 Court File No. 02-CV-231-828CM3 Ontario Superior Court of Justice B. Wright J. July 18, 2002 Intellectual property — Trademarks — Domain Name — Applicant registering domain […]