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Do you need to file a trademark application? Call us. Our rates are very reasonable and we deliver results. We have 24 years of experience in filing Canadian trademark applications and getting registrations.

CIPO will review your trademark application usually within 12 months from your filing date. File ASAP to avoid litigating an opposition with a brand hijacker. You should also register your brand as a trade name, in case your application doesn’t get approved because it’s too descriptive (clearly descriptive) or if it’s your surname.

Basic applications include word marks and design marks with up to 10 items claimed. We don’t recommend listing everything under the sun in your application because it may likely cause confusion with other trademarks and because it will make your application vulnerable to trademark cancellation requests after 3 years of registration.

Apply to register your trademark exactly the way you use it on your goods and on the services you provide.

Our fee for a basic application includes the $250 CIPO filing fee. Call us today to get started.

The CIPO registration fee of $200 is due after CIPO allows your trademark application. This must be paid within 6 months of the notice of allowance if you file based on use, otherwise, it is due within 3 years of your application date.

We also offer automated Nuans trademark searches for $49 each. We send you a PDF file that you can review and see if there might be issues with confusingly similar trademarks already on the trademark register.


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