Top Domain Sales

Domain names are considered property in Canada and elsewhere. Some domain names have a significant inherent value beyond their initial acquisition cost. Domain names in our top domain name sales lists usually have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Short domain names
  2. Surname domain names
  3. Brandable domain names
  4. Spellable domain names
  5. Generic domain names
  6. Domain names that were registered before a business adopted a trademark in Canada
  7. Domain names that match trademarks of multiple different businesses or individuals.

Top domain sales 2017 $1.5 million USD purchase by $275,000 – West Monroe Partners, September 2017 $45,000 purchase by Feedjit, Inc., February 2017 $28,000 Forwards to, for SAT and AP tests, September 2017 $22,500  An electronics seller that owns, September 2017 $19,000 – Banco Bonsucesso S/A. that owns, September 2017 $15,000 £10,000 purchase by Movile. Movile is a mobile content publisher in Madrid. $10,000 by Kamet Ventures, an insurance technology startup incubator funded by AXA, September 2017 $8,000 Olono is an artificial intelligence company; domain forwards to, September 2017 $5,000 purchase by The City of Roanoke, Virginia €3,500 purchase by Danish IT company Izara Partners who use the ccTLD €3,500  =  $3678.47 US Dollar in February 2017

Failed Top Domain Bids

  • In a shockingly high bid of $2,100,000 USD in a namejet action for, the owner didn’t sell because it didn’t meet his reserve price.
  • The EstiBot Valuation of is $1,640,000 USD
  • In addition to the other domain names included in the lot being auctioned off are,,,, and



Top domain sales 2016

Hanes spent about $30,000 to buy the domain name


Top domain sales 2015

The domain name Autism.Rocks sold for a staggering $100,000. $1500 $6900 $29,100 $3000

  • Daypoint is an app for iPhones that helps you understand where your time goes, so you can make better decisions about how you spend it and live more consciously and meaningfully.




Older top domain sales

  • sold for $400,000 in 2009.
  • Slack used to be
  • Facebook used to be
  • Dropbox used to be
  • Mint used to be
  • $16,200 purchase by Halifax Medical Center, owner of, in July 2012.
  • $7,500 purchase by Motorola (Google) in November 2013


By David Michaels

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