Register A Slogan As A Trademark

Q. Can You Register A Slogan As A Trademark?

A. Yes, “Just Do it” is Nike’s famous slogan and they registered it.

  1. Trademarks: JUST DO IT!, Refused, 0624000
  2. Trademarks: JUST DO IT, Registered, 1337724, TMA716435
  3. Trademarks: JUST DO IT, Registered, 1060303, TMA583574
  4. Trademarks: JUST DO IT, Registered, 0737830, TMA477741

In fact, brand owners are very litigious about competitors using confusingly similar slogans, even in Canada.

So register your slogan as insurance against a claim for trademark infringement. Just do it. Registering your slogan will save you 10’s of thousands of dollars in litigation costs.

“Just Do It” and NIKE are registered trademarks of Nike Innovate C.V.

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