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Register A Slogan As A Trademark

Q. Can You Register A Slogan As A Trademark? A. Yes, “Just Do it” is Nike’s famous slogan and they registered it. Trademarks: JUST DO IT!, Refused, 0624000 Trademarks: JUST DO IT, Registered, 1337724, TMA716435 Trademarks: JUST DO IT, Registered, 1060303, TMA583574 Trademarks: JUST DO IT, Registered, 0737830, TMA477741 In fact, brand owners are very litigious […]

How got registered as a US trademark

How PARTS.COM, LLC registered as a US trademark on the principle register in the USA. US trademark US Serial Number: 77219341 Application Filing Date: Jun. 29, 2007 US Registration Number: 3500783 Registration Date:Sep. 16, 2008 Note: Yahoo! Inc. commenced a trademark cancellation proceeding (Number: 92057802) after PARTS.COM, LLC sued Yahoo for trademark infringement in […]

Trademarks Registered in the US

Trademarks registered in the US may be registered either on the Principle register or on the Supplemental Register. Most trademark owners would prefer that their trademark be registered on the principle register, but that is not always possible. A registration for a trademark may be refused for registration on the principle register because the proposed […]