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Buy a Nuans trademark search to check for similar Canadian trademarks.

Trademark Search

The Nuans trademark search is an automated report produced by the Canadian government search algorithm. It goes beyond identifying exact match trademarks. It gives you a list of the 80 most similar trademarks, along with the goods and services listing. We deliver the trademark search report to you in a PDF file on the same day as your order and usually within 2 hours.

Buy this quick Nuans trademark search before ordering a comprehensive trademark search that may cost $800 to $2000 to generate and review. The Nuans search is better than a knockout search, which you may do for free on CIPO’s trademark database.

You can or filing your trademark application, if you are not about to launch your product or service yet. A comprehensive trademark search

Apply to Register a Trademark Before Launching a Product

It is usually better to apply for a trademark registration before you start using it. You can avoid trademark litigation and front runners beating you to the trademark office.

A CIPO trademarks examiner will usually report back within 12 months on whether the trademark is available and registrable. If nobody opposes your application, you can have a notice of allowance within 16 months.

Oppositions of trademark applications based on use often end up in a Federal Court and cost 10 times what a CIPO opposition would of cost.

Sample Canadian Trademark Search Report

ROYAL Nuans Trademark Search Report


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