Composite Trademarks

Composite Trademarks are marks made up of multiple elements that could be separated.

Why Register Composite Trademarks?

  • Registration of a composite mark, that incorporates an unregistrable word component, can provide useful enforcement rights.
  • A composite trademark conveys the trademark impression to customers
  • The mark is always used in a stylised get-up
  • The word portion of the mark is unregistrable.

Examples of Composite Trademarks

CHOOSE-A-SIZE / MESURE-AU-CHOIX TMA782,175 cited in by Kruger Products L.P. in its opposition to application No. 1,530,217 for the trade-mark FORMAT AU CHOIX in the name of Cascades Canada ULC, 2014 TMOB 237


CII Honeywell Bull, case: Registrar of Trade-marks v Compagnie Internationale pour l’Informatique CII Honeywell Bull (1985), 4 CPR (3d) 523 (FCA)

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