RE/MAX, LLC sued PROPERTY MAX REALTY INC. AND OTHERS for trademark infringement in Vancouver Canada according to Federal Court file T-545-16. PROPERTY MAX REALTY INC. appears to operate from

Trademark Infringement and Passing Off

PROPERTY MAX’s logo doesn’t look anything like the RE/MAX logo, the name includes the words “MAX REALTY” and that may be the basis for the trademark passing off claim.

RE/MAX logo
RE/MAX sues Property Max Realty


Mohan Subramaniyam last registered on 2011/01/12. But the wayback machine shows that the “Property/Max Realty Inc. Brokerage” had a website at since at least November 2009.

Maybe they should try and claim the affirmative defenses of laches and a lack of distinctiveness. A nuans pre-search report for the words “MAX REALTY” might help to show how distinctive those words are in Canada.

It would be interesting to read the trademark infringement claim.

RE/MAX is short for “Real Estate Maximums.” REMAX operates in Canada from REMAX is an American international real estate company that operates through a franchise system. Wikipedia
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, United States
Stock price: RMAX (NYSE) US$34.68 -0.12 (-0.34%)
Apr 5, 2016, 4:02 PM EDT – Disclaimer
CEO: Dave L. Liniger
Founded: 1973, Denver, Colorado, United States
Revenue: 171 million USD (2014)
Founders: David (Dave) Liniger, Gail A. Liniger

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