Picking a domain name

Picking a domain name that will engender trust and drive traffic your website is a critical step in building a successful website. Factors in Picking a Domain Name: An easy to type and spell domain name is the most important factor. A short domain name, less than 10 letters is preferable. A one or two-word… Continue reading Picking a domain name

Why Buy Domain Name sumo.com for $1.5 Million USD?

There is an inherent value in domain names. The sumo.com domain name sold for 1.5 million USD. It took Noah Kagan of SumoMe.com 7 years of negotiations to buy the domain name sumo.com. SumoMe.com is now redirected to sumo.com. SumoMe.com transitioned to sumo.com for $1.5 million SumoMe paid $500,000 up front and it will pay… Continue reading Why Buy Domain Name sumo.com for $1.5 Million USD?